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Owning a Horse Can Be Expensive it's only natural that you want to protect your investment

Horse insurance comes in many different forms and it is important that you spend a little time comparing what the market has to offer you.

First you should consider the type of Horse Insurance you need. Are you:

There are also additional options that provide cover for:

Next you need to think about the level of cover you require. Most people will want protection from Illness, injury, theft or an accident. So in all these cases look carefully at what is covered and more importantly, what isn't. Take a look at our Horse Insurance Guide for more information on the types of cover available.

Remember taking the cheapest policy will not always mean it's the best value, so it is important that you study the details of each policy to make sure that you are adequately covered for your needs. Consider carefully elements such "Policy Excess", i.e. how much will the insurance company deduct from your claim before you receive your payout. Are there any limits on the amounts that you can claim, and if so are they adequate enough for your needs.

Why not get a quote for your Horse Insurance Quote today and find out just how little it could cost to get the cover you need?