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Insurance for Horse Riding

If you do not yet have your own horse, but you still ride regularly through a stables or riding school, then you might want to consider insurance for horse riding.

Normal horse insurance covers many different aspects of owning a horse and equine care, such as vets bills, disposal costs, theft and straying and stable costs.

Insurance for Horse Riding doesn't need to worry about the costs that occur for the horses owner. This type of insurance has been designed to cover you for all the things applicable to an individual. The main two are:

  • Personal Accident, Death and Disablement
  • Public Liability - legal liability to a 3rd party as a result of your riding a horse

Let's have a look at these in more detail:

Personal Accident

Personal accident cover on Horse Rider Insurance is a very important aspect. As you are probably aware, any accident or injury sustained whilst horse riding can be quite serious. Personal accident cover is designed to help to ease some of the costs that may be incurred after an injury. For example, to pay medical bills or even to help adapt your home for easier access if you suffer a permanant disability.

Public Liability

Public Liability cover can just as - if not more - important than personal accident cover. This section of the insurance is designed to pay compensation and costs to anyone else who is injured or any property that is damaged as a result of your horse riding. If you were to injure someone or damage property whilst riding without any insurance in place, you may have to pay these costs yourself, and they can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.