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Horsebox Insurance

There are three main ways to transport a horse to your destination. A horse trailer, towed by a car or other vehicle, a motorized horsebox, and of course, riding there.

Of these, a motorized horsebox is normally the most expensive. Having spent thousands of pounds getting the best motorized vehicle to transport your horse, it makes sense that you should make sure you have suitable insurance in place in case of accidents, fire or theft.

Motorised horsebox insurance povides Public Liability cover, which protects yourself and third parties. You can also get various levels of cover for your horsebox and perhaps most importantly of all, your much loved horse.

When you travel with a horse or multiple horses and ponies in a horse box, it can be a worrying time. Horsebox Insurance is designed to protect you whilst at home, in transit, during competitions or in storage. So whatever you require for your day to day equine activities, or whether you use your horsebox several times a day or just once a year, you can be sure that we can help you get the correct policy for you.

The policies available through our website offer cover for most sizes of vehicles, either comprehensive, third party fire and theft or third party only. Some of these policies also offer windscreen cover, and may be able to offer cover for certain vehicles with sleeping accommodation.

Another great feature of motorized horsebox insurance is breakdown recovery, so if you do suffer a mechanical failure you won't end up stuck at the side of the road.

With all these great benefits available, why not get a quote for Horsebox Insurance today, and see just how little it could cost you to get the cover you need.