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Horse Riding Insurance Reviews

Here at Compare Horse Insurance we like to give you a little help in deciding which policy to choose. After all, we have two different providers for you to choose from! So, we have put together a handy little guide for you, giving a bit more information for each of them.

Before you purchase your insurance for horse riding you should also read our Horse Insurance Guide. You can then use our quote tool to get a Horse Riding Insurance Comparison.

On this web site we are displaying information for firms who provide insurance cover for Horses. To find out what each insurance policy covers you for, simply click on the relevant Insurer's picture to visit that advertiser's website.

Our Horse Rider Insurance Providers:

Animal Friends Horse Insurance

Riding accidents don’t just happen to people who own a horse. Even if you don’t own or permanently loan a horse, you could benefit from rider insurance. What if your injuries after an accident put you out of work? What if you need dental treatment after a riding accident or fall? At Animal Friends Pet Insurance we believe you should be able to focus on your rehabilitation instead of worrying about how you are going to pay for things.