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Compare Horse Insurance FAQs

Q. Why insure your horse?
A horse is a very expensive purchase, and alongside the initial outlay and upkeep, medical bills and compensation charges can be surprisingly high. Horse Insurance is designed to help take care of these charges for you.

Q. What else can horse insurance cover?
Horse Insurance can cover vets fees for illness, compensation for theft or death, and third party liability. And can also cover saddlery and tack, trailers, horse trailers and equipment. If you are not sure who to choose, check out our Horse Insurance Reviews for more details.

Q. Is there an excess?
An excess may apply to your policy, and can vary depending which section of the policy you are claiming under. Please refer to your individual policy wording for details.

Q. Am I covered for competition use?
Some of our insurers are able to cover you for competition use, please refer to the individual policy wordings for more details.

Q. I'm not sure which policy I should go for.
Why not take a look at our Horse Insurance Reviews where you can find a bit more information about each of our insurers. You can also check out our Horse Insurance Guide for more information on the cover you might need.

Q. If my horse dies will the insurers need to see the body?
Not necessarily. On most occasions though, they will need to see a post mortem. In the unfortunate event that your horse dies, you will need to follow the claims procedure detailed in your policy documentation, and contact your insurers for guidance.

Q. What should I do if anything happens that may result in a third party claim against me?
Firstly, you should never admit liability or agree to pay any claim after an incident. Contact your insurance company immediately and allow them to take charge of the claims process. Any documentation regarding a claim against you should be forwarded to your insurers.

Q. Is my horse too old/young?
Most insurers will cover horses from 30 days up to 15 years under standard horse insurance. If your horse is aged 15 years or more, you may need to look at Veteran Horse Insurance

Q. What is the difference between market value, sum insured and purchase price?
A. Market value:
the average current value for a horse of the same age, breed, bloodline, sex and ability.
Sum insured: the amount your horse is covered for, this value will be agreed between you and your insurer.
Purchase price: The amount you initially paid for your horse.

In the event of a claim under death, theft and straying or loss of use, an insurer will always pay the lower amount of the sum insured or market value.

Q. Is personal accident covered?
Personal accident is not always covered as standard. Please refer to the individual insurers for more details.

Q. Do you provide advertising costs if my horse has strayed or is stolen?
Yes, some of our insurers do contribute to advertising costs for horses that are lost or have strayed. Please check with the individual insurers for more details.