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Horse Grooming

In order to help keep your horse’s coat looking attractive, and in good physical condition, it is essential that they are regularly groomed, preferably on a daily basis.

Before riding on horseback, it is important to groom your horse thoroughly as dirt and debris can cause abrasion and chafing under the saddle, leading to discomfort to the horse.

Grooming is also another great way to get to know your pet and to build up trust between you both, and is a useful way to check for any injuries that might be present on your horse.

There are a few basic steps to proper grooming of a horse, requiring some simple tools:

  • First take a Currycomb, which is a short tool with small teeth which is used to loosen hair, dirt and is a good way to release natural oils within the skin as it is stimulated with the comb.

  • A Dandy brush is then used to remove the hair and dirt loosened by the Currycomb. This is a stiff bristled brush, usually made from plastic-bristle.

  • A soft bristled brush called a Body brush removes smaller particles like dust and small hairs and are often made from natural hair fibers.

  • The Dandy brush or any other wide-toothed metal or plastic comb can be used to brush a horse’s mane.

  • Dirt needs to be removed from the horses hooves using a hoof pick. During this process, hooves may be checked for any signs of infection or injury.

  • In the winter, a metal shedding blade with blunt teeth could be used to eradicate any loose winter hair.

  • In summer time, fly sprays should be applied after basic grooming to repel insects from the horse’s coat. Water scrapers can be used to remove any sweat from a horse’s coat which will keep the horse’s coat fresher.

  • A horse’s coat is often trimmed with electric clippers and sometimes with handheld scissors when trimming long hairs, especially round the fetlock and jaw areas.

  • Sponges are useful to clean the lips, nose and eyes of your horse. Larger sponges may be more appropriate for cleaning the body and legs of the animal.

  • Horses can go their entire life without a bath, but some horses seem to enjoy an occasional wash down with a garden hose on a hot summer’s day.

Further Grooming Products & Techniques

  • Silicone sprays can be applied to the horses coat to keep it looking attractive and smooth. These sprays are often non-oil based so that they do not attract dust, and it is preferable that these sprays are applied after the horse has been bathed and then dried with a towel.

  • Highlighter is an oil based gel used to accentuate the horses face for show work. It is often frowned upon within hunting societies but is accepted in most counties for competition purposes.

Finally remember to ensure that you have Horse Insurance for total peace of mind.