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Horse box Insurance

Horse boxes and trailers can be very expensive items. It is therefore vital that these valuable items are well insured.

Factors to consider when insuring a horsebox

You will need to provide the insurance company with details of the following:

  • The make and value of the horsebox

  • The size of the horsebox (some horse boxes are now up to 6 berths)

  • The postcode where the vehicle is to be kept

  • Is the vehicle kept in a locked yard or a large locked garage?

  • The age of the drivers, as there will probably be an additional premium if young people are to drive the vehicle

  • The number of drivers, as many companies may be able to offer a discount if the number of drivers is restricted to one or two people

  • Any no claims bonus

  • The weight of the vehicle

  • The annual mileage: Some providers will offer a discount if the annual mileage is restricted, often between 3000 and 5000 miles

  • Any security devices added to the vehicle. As many owners are now fitting expensive horse boxes with tracker devices and immobilisers, there may be a discount if these devices are fitted

  • You may be offered a voluntary excess on the policy, which may also result in a discount

  • Some insurance companies will offer a discount to first time insurers with a clean driving license

What is insured?

With a motorised horse box it should be insured for the same risks as any vehicle on the road.

Breakdown and recovery services are an option with some insurance policies. While it is inconvenient to break down, having a distressed animal in the horse box is to be avoided, and so breakdown recovery can be invaluable. Horse recovery, in the event of a breakdown, is sometimes also an option.

In the case of horse trailers, insurance policies can provide cover for:

  • Losses from accidental damage and malicious damage

  • Damage caused by fire

  • Theft of the trailer

  • Third party cover while the trailer is detached from the towing vehicle

Remember there is a whole range of security devices that can be fitted to your horse trailer and some of these may result in a reduction in the cost of the policy.

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